Friday, August 26, 2016

Charger for Fitbit Alta, AFUNTA Replacement Charger for Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker with Reset Button (3ft)

If you have a Fitbit Alta, this replacement charger may be worth investing in. The charger that comes with the Fitbit Alta is perfectly good, but it has a short cord, which can be problematic.

This replacement charger (not an official charger from Fitbit) has a 3 foot long cord, works every bit as well as the original charger. I am totally happy with it.

Note: I received this charger at no cost so that I could write an honest review.

Blusmart Bluetooth Headphones V4.1 Wireless Sport Stereo Noise Canceling and Hands Free Headset with Microphone - Black

The Blusmart Bluetooth Headphones are an entry level set, coming in at the time of this review at $9.99 on Amazon (check here for current pricing).

The package comes with a charging cord, two extra earpieces and one extra set of ear anchors. There is an extensive instruction book that is easy to understand but clearly not written by a native speaker of English.

My family tested this headset extensively over the last 6 weeks. We used when walking the dog and working around the house. We listened to music and audiobooks and found it to do a workman-like job. The performance is not particularly exceptional, but it is not bad either. Very middle-of-the-road.

We connected it to three different model Samsung phones and a Chromebook. The only time we had difficulty pairing was with the Chromebook but that is pretty normal for the Chromebook - it generally has a hard time finding new devices.

I used the device as a phone and found its microphone to be very sensitive. It works great if you are in a quiet environment, but people I talked to could hear when I was doing things like shuffling through papers and said that it sounded as though I were wadding them up instead. I cannot imagine that this would work well in a car or another loud environment. I did not use features of the headset to make calls, I typically just connect it and use the phone normally so that I don't have to fumble around with the headset. 

For the price, this is a great headset. I rate it 4 stars out of 5.

Note: I received a free sample of this headset so that I could write a fair review.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Aprince 4.72 inch Universal Shower Head 7-Settings

I'm no plumber but changing my regular shower head to this handheld shower head was very, very easy. All it takes is a shower hose, a shower head mount, plumbers tape and a pair of pliers. This is truly a DIY project. It took me about 20 minutes from start to finish, including get out everything and clean up.

I changed out a traditional shower head that had been up for at least 18 years. There are seven settings with this new head, ranging from sort of a wide hard mist to more of a narrow hard stream. I am sure you will be able to find one that you'll like for everyday use.

This shower head does not include the materials to convert your regular shower to a handheld shower. You need a mount it to the wall with or wall mount or to a piece that goes where your old shower head used to be. You also need a shower hose. I was able to get both of these at the local big box hardware store for about $15. The seller of this shower head offers a deal for these items with the purchase of the shower head on

I rate this shower head 5 stars out of 5.

Note: I received a sample shower head so that I could test it out and write an honest review. I've been using this shower head for about a month and it is great.

This shower head cost $15.99 on at the time of this review. Click here to check on current pricing: Aprince 4.72 inch Universal Shower Head 7-Settings.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Aidonger Unisex Vintage Canvas and Leather Casual Backpack

I teach in a large, urban high school. Every day, I see the value of a spacious, durable backpack as my students lag a big pile of books, a laptop, a binder, notebooks and more from classroom to classroom because they never get a chance to go to their lockers during the day.

This backpack is made of heavy duty canvas with a liner on the inside. There are two large pockets on the inside - the main pocket and a spacious padded computer sleeve. You can stuff a lot into this backpack. There are also two small pockets sewn into the lining.

The backpack does not have a zipper, instead it is cinched shut and covered by a flap. Not having a zipper isn't necessarily a bad thing. Every year I see kids ruin a lot of nice backpacks by simply stuffing too many things into the backpack and ruining the zipper. 

The flap has faux buckles on leather straps. Rather than actually buckling shut, the straps use magnets to keep it closed There are also three exterior pockets - two on the sides and one in the back. All are closed by the same type of magnets that hold the flap in place. At first i was not impressed by the magnets but they are actually a whole lot stronger than they look. 

The straps can be lengthened out quite very far. Usually, I have to let a backpack's straps all of the way and then make minor adjustments to tighten things up. This backpack required a lot of tightening (easy to do - just pull the strap) and would be a great backpack for people with big shoulders. 

The straps are very comfortable and there is a loop to hang the backpack on a hook or as an alternative way to carry it. 

We've used this backpack at our house all summer because it has been sitting out to be tested. We love it.

The backpack comes in five colors: coffee, black, army green, grey and khaki.

I rate this backpack 5 stars out of 5.

Note: I received a free or heavily discounted backpack in exchange for an honest review. This really is a great backpack.

As of the time of this review, this backpack cost $32.98 on Check here for current pricing: Aidonger Vintage canvas and leather backpack.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar by DE - Automatic Coin Counter Totals all U.S. Coins including Dollars and Half Dollars - Original Style, Clear Jar

This bank looks like a mason jar with grey lid. This jar is not glass, but a plastic jar. It's not a particularly thick jar, somewhere between a 5 gallon jug that you put on a water cooler and a milk jug.

The lid has a spring-loaded sliding bar across the coin slot. The lid measures how far the sliding bar moves and that measurement tells the lid what coin it is. A LCD screen next to the slot keeps track of the coins and adds up the total. If you want to skip this step but still keep a running total, there is a process to do that. Also, you can remove coins and subtract that amount from the running total.

The jars come in different colors (clear, camo, blue, pink, purple, glow-in-the-dark) and two additional shapes (football and pig).

The counter needs two AAA batteries to work. The batteries are not included.

My review:

I found that the sliding bar was more than a little tough to move and the lid was inconsistent. I put $1.43 cents in the bank and my total ended up being $2.23. I put in 5 quarters and had problems with 2 of them. The bar resisted so much that the coin went in partially - enough to register that it was a quarter - and then came back out again. I don't know how the other coins were measured to come up to $2.23 but clearly this lid had to be used very carefully in order to count correctly. I would not recommend this for younger children.

In short, this is a cute concept but not quite there yet.

I rate this 2 stars out of 5.

At the time of this review, this bank cost $17.99 on Click here to check for current pricing: Digital Coin Bank.

Note: I received a free sample of a digital coin bank so that I could write an honest review. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

LETO A19 6W LED Dimmable Filament Edison Style Light Bulb,UL Listed,60W Equivalent, Soft White 2700k ,E26 Base 1-Pack

This is an LED bulb in as simple a format as it can come. This bulb will fit in any standard light fixture so you can make that move from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs with no muss and no fuss.

The manufacturer claims that this bulb should work 27,000 hours and includes a 3 year warranty.

This bulb uses just 6 watts to create the light that a traditional 60 watt bulb uses.

The bulb does not shine with that ultra-white glow that most LEDs do. This bulb is tinted to shine with the same glow as a traditional bulb. It is dimmable but I do not have a dimmer switch so I do not know how well it dims.

It comes on instantly with no flicker.

This bulb comes in a single pack or a 3-pack. The average price per bulb is slightly less in the 3-pack.

At the time of this review this bulb cost $11.97 on Click here for current pricing: LETO A19 6W LED Dimmable Filament Edison Style Light Bulb.

I rate this bulb 5 stars out of 5.

Note: I received this bulb for free or at a substantial discount so that I could try it out in my own home and see how it works and write an honest review. This bulb is at work right now in my kids' bedroom.

Friday, July 1, 2016

SMADZ SL31 Waterproof Antique Solar Wall Light 2 LEDs

In this package you get one light and an instruction page that is mostly pictures. It came with some charge in it. I installed it late in the afternoon and it was working that same evening.

Installation is easy. I picked a wooden fence in my side yard and within a minute of starting to screw in the first screw I was already starting to pack up my stuff. It literally took me more time to gather everything than it took to install it. I had to provide my own screws.

Once it gets dark, 2 LED lights turn on and burn for about 8 hours, assuming that the unit gets a good dose of sunlight. 

Now, keep in mind that one of these will not light up your backyard. There are just 2 LED lights here. But, it does provide a bit of light where you might need it. This would be especially good on decks, stairs, along sidewalks and places like that. A whole series of them along a deck or a sidewalk would be attractive.

A bonus feature is that the rechargeable batteries in this unit are designed to be removed and replaced once they fail.

I rate this solar light 5 stars out of 5.

This product cost $9.59 on at the time of this review. Check here for current pricing: SMADZ SL31 Waterproof Antique Solar Wall Light 2 LEDs

Note: I was sent a free solar light so that I could write an honest review. I am very pleased.